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 Let's Talk Linens: 
Linens for your dining tables, buffets, cocktail tables, registration tables, or silent auction tables make a huge contribution to the event's overall appearance. They provide the essential background for the more decorative elements, such as the centerpieces or wedding cake presentation. The linens for the dining tables should have special consideration.

Examples of linens can be seen throughout our various "Inspiration Galleries," so we have not included them in this gallery. Many choices for linens at a wide range of prices are available to you. We'll discuss these, show you fabrics, and make suggestions to you once we've begun designing your event.
Tables draped with nice linen and standard comfortable chairs are generally provided by the site you choose for your event.
Are these linens and chairs the look you want for your event?   
If the answer is no, we can help you consider the options for your special celebration. 

Let's Talk Chairs: 
At the least, chairs should blend into the setting; ideally, however, they should contribute to the overall concept of the event. These are your options. 
Chavari Chairs: 
These are the current trend and, therefore, come in a wide range of colors. The most popular is gold. Silver, white, mahogany, natural and black are also color options. Depending on the decor concept, chavari chairs can be covered with sheer overlays or completely draped to give a sleek, squared off contemporary look.   
Acrylic Chairs:
These are also known as ghost chairs because they are clear or smoke tinted.  Although contemporary in look, they can complement the more traditional setting as well.   
Wooden benches and upholstered stools: 
These two options represent something distinctively different, whether in a rustic chic setting or in a modern vignette. 
Chair Covers: 
Stackable chairs, like the ones at hotels, are generally comfortable, but may not be the look you want. In that case, you can  cover them. Covers help transform a space by covering some of the floor, making a room look fuller, and visually softening the space. Another option is the spandex covered chair, which makes the perfect hi-tech statement.  
Folding Chairs: 
Both wooden and plastic folding chairs are available and are usually more reasonable in cost. The wooden folding chairs come in natural, black, and white, the plastic in black and white only. Both types can be covered.  The plastic chairs do well for outdoor casual functions and are actually rather comfortable. 
Other Options: 
There are still other chairs available that offer a more designer look.  Since this market of chairs changes regularly, we have to check availability each time we have an event. The cost of these types of chairs is generally higher than the other options.
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